Dr Miroslav Perišić, director


Born in Ub on December 4 th , 1959, completed his secondary education in Valjevo and
studied and earned his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees at the History Department at the Faculty of
Philosophy of the University of Belgrade. He worked as a secondary school teacher for a year
after completing his studies, then as a curator-historian at the National Museum in Valjevo for
three years, as an expert editor for historiography at the publishing sector of the Army Publishing
and Press Center in Belgrade for nine years and since 1997 he has worked at the Institute for the
Newer History of Serbia (INIS) where he is currently involved in a scientific project as an
external associate. He has been holding the position of the Head of the Archives of Serbia since
July 2 nd , 2007.
Member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art Board for the History of Serbs in the
19 th century.
His main fields of scientific interest are directed towards the national history of the 19 th and
20 th century, especially the history of a city and urban life in Serbia, a diplomatic history, the
history of the First World War and the history of the elites. He has written more than a hundred
scientific and expert papers out of which 5 monographs in 7 editions. He has edited 16 collections
of selected archival material, documents and other material, published several dozens of articles
in scientific and expert journals, international and national scientific conferences’ proceedings
and book chapters. He is the author or co-author of a number of archival exhibitions, permanent
museum settings and accompanying catalogues.
He has participated in numerous national and international scientific gatherings and
conferences in the country and abroad (Paris, Moscow, Warsaw, Brno, St. Stefan, Maribor, Pécs,
State University “La Sapienza” in Rome) and in the most important archival conferences
(Quebec, Malmö, Kuala Lumpur, Malta, Paris).
He is a scientific manager of several scientific and research projects of national and
international importance, initiator and organizer of the wholesome project on preservation and
research of the archival material in the Serbian orthodox church municipalities and churches in
Trieste, Vienna, Szentendre and Dubrovnik, founder of series of publications of the Archives of
Serbia: “History of the Serbian Diplomacy – Documents”, “Personal Fonds”, “Visual History”,
initiator, concept designer and head of the research projects of archival material important for the
history of Serbian people at the State Archives in Dubrovnik and the State Archives in Venice.
He initiated research of the archival material of importance to the history of Serbian people in
Ottoman Archives in Istanbul. He has gained his research experience in numerous domestic and
foreign archives. He has organized or has been in the organizational boards of several
international scientific conferences, member of numerous working groups and expert bodies,
program associate for archival actviity of the International Forum of Slovene Cultures, president
of the Working group for drafting the Law on the archival material and the archival service in the
Republic of Serbia, president of the Commission for the Expert Exam in the field of Archival
Activity, editor in chief of the Guide through the Archival Material of the Republic Serbia,
member of several Commissions for doctoral and master dissertations at the Faculty of
Philospohy of the University of Belgrade, editor of several dozens of historiographic and archival
publications, member of editorial boards of several expert journals.
He is a member of the international Board of the Andrić Institute for celebratiing centenary
of the First World War.

He has been awarded “Plaque of the City of Valjevo”, “Charter” of the Serbian Orthodox
Church in Trieste and the “Golden Archives” of the Aleksandar Arnautović Foundation for the
contribution to the development of the archival activity.